IB Networks


In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), DP Coordinators meet in order to discuss various aspects of the DP. The session dates for DP and IBCC Coordinator's meetings are as follows:

  • 28 November, 2013 - GEMS Wellington Silicon Oasis, Dubai, UAE.
  • 06 February 2014 - Repton School, Dubai, UAE
  • 17 April 2014 - Emirates International School, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE
  • 22 May / 05 Jun 2014 - Dubai International School, Dubai, UAE

On 22 February 2014 GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis, Dubai will also conduct a workshop "IB SPARK" and "Job A Like" day.

The following points of interest:

26-28 September 2013 & 24-26 April 2014 - IBICUS Workshops at Raffles World Academy, Dubai, UAE.

The Coordinators Network is jointly chaired by Jonathan Halligan and Sheugnet Carter who can be contacted at j.halligan_wso@gemsedu.com or sheugnetc@diadubai.com.

Sarah Santrampurwala santram.sarah@viss.ae is the CPD Coordinator.


Middle Years Programme (MYP)

In the United Arab Emirates, MYP Coordinator's meet once every two months to discuss various aspects of the MYP Programme. Currently there are approximately four to five Coordinators participating in these meetings. The schools which these Coordinators represent include: Emirates International School (EIS) - Meadows, Emirates International School (EIS) - Jumeirah, Dubai International Academy (DIA), GEMS World Academy, and Greenfield Community School.

Under discussion are the changes in the MYP "The Next Chapter".

Our session dates for MYP Coordinator's meetings will be confirmed shortly:

For more information on the MYP network, or to become a member, please contact Eleanor Scarr at: eleanors@diadubai.com


Primary Years Programme (PYP)

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinators have developed a strong network in the Middle East through which sharing of good practice; resources, collegial support and professional development are facilitated.

The PYP Coordinators network has members from Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Lebanon, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. It has almost doubled in size over the last two years.

The PYP Coordinators meet three times per year in different locations around the Emirates in order to collaborate on different projects.

Last year, Coordinators organised many successful professional development events, such as a Job Alike session, which included one hundred participants from eight different IB schools. In January 2012, there were teaching workshops in a concept driven curriculum and inquiry based learning offered to all IB schools.

In October, 2011 schools sent participants to attend round table style workshops on areas that were felt to be needing development by the network; Teaching through concepts and Specialist integration to the PYP.

Most recently the PYP Coordinators Network met on the 10 November 2012, at Uptown Primary School in Dubai. Before the meeting there was a Job Alike session for teachers from all over the Middle East. Over 140 teachers attended the session from fourteen different schools. The teachers came from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait to collaborate about best teaching and learning practices and create further networks of their own to collaborate and share resources through.

During the coordinators meeting, coordinators had a presentation from local author Taghred Chandab, discussed the upcoming MEIBA conference, planned the next Job Alike session and discussed how different schools are assessing the Science Skills in the PYP.

The Coordinators network is open to everyone in the Middle East region and welcomes new members.

For more information on the PYP network, or to become a member, please contact Lisa Gibson at: lgibson@uasdubai.ae