JESS, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

JESS Dubai has been an IB World School since 2009 when it welcomed its firstcohort of IB students. The school is currently a premium provider and leadsupporter of an IB education in the region. JESS Dubai maintains the beliefthat the capacity for critical and creative thinking is a uniquely humanattribute and as such is committed to preparing students with the skills forthe future. Its academic programme is complemented and supported by a widerange of sporting, recreational and performance activities. The teaching staffare committed to fostering a community of caring learners while promoting theskills of critical and creative thinking integral to all IB programmes. JESSDubai seek to do this within a challenging and supportive environment which developsindividuals as both independent and collaborative learners. The school takespride in the tradition and reputation of the School for pursuing the higheststandards dedicated to "Making a Difference".



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