Jumeirah Baccalaureate School, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Welcome to Jumeira Baccalaureate School, anestablished IB school in the heart of Dubai, where young people thrive,learn and succeed. JBSis part of Taaleem, one of the UAE’s largest education providers. 

The school is unique in many ways; we offeroutstanding learning, sporting and performing arts facilities on approximatelyeight acres of prime land in Jumeira 1, including a natural grass football field,swimming pool, gymnasiums, designated music/drama and visual arts rooms,library and shared play areas for younger students. 

With 85 different nationalities on campus,internationalism is at the heart of our school and we celebrate this throughthe use of home languages, celebrations and learning that acknowledges gender,linguistic and cultural perspectives.  The IB curriculum furthermoreenables students to develop moral values, and display kindness, courage,respect and integrity towards each other and the world around them.

From PreK all the way to Grade 12,the IB programmeprovides students with a world-class, inquiry-based learning experience that islinked to real life examples, enabling young people to be prepared for a futurethat is constantly changing. We also offer senior students an alternativepractical option into the workplace or university through studying the IBCareer Related Programme (IBCP). 

A candidate schoolfor the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) forstudents aged 3-11,we are fully authorized to offer the other three IBprogrammes: 
Middle Years Programme (MYP) for students aged 11-16
Diploma Programme (DP) for students aged 16-19
Career-related Programme (CP) forstudents aged16-19
Visit www.ibo.org for more infomation. 
Differentiation regarding students’ language needs, educational background and cognitiveabilities takes place in our lessons. Opportunities are given to students todevelop an awareness of their learning styles through a variety of tasks suchas portfolios, presentations, student led conferences and reflections. 

Our classrooms are designed for future learningfeaturing a blend of tablets, inspirational text books, interactivewhiteboards, audio-visual facilities, secure WiFi connectivity and Bring YourOwn Device (BYOD) from Grade 3 onwards. 
Throughout the school, students are assessed through a variety of assessment tasksallowing them to be challenged and able to develop higher-order thinking skills.

Extra-curricular Activities, Camps and  Leadership Opportunities:

Extra-Curricular Activities(ECAs) are a vital part of our learningenvironment and we actively encourage all students to make the most of theopportunities provided. We offer a wide range of ECA’s allowing students toget involved in different interests, including: football, tennis, rugby,volleyball, basketball, swimming, badminton, drama, language clubs, dance,choir, public speaking, engineering, park our, science, Model United Nations,The Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Scholars Cup to name a few.  Annualcamps for Primary and Secondary students take place in the UAE, and Secondarystudents have the opportunity to participate in overseas trips. The ECAs andother special programmes enhance the academic offerings and provide authenticextensions to what the students learn in class. Students are also givenopportunities to develop leadership skills by running the Student Council,clubs, and committees. Our community and service activities serve to empowerour students to take action on issues that concern them both locally andglobally. 

Faculty and Staff: 

We are committedto recruiting the best qualified teachers and support staff with relevant internationalexperience and proven performance. Furthermore, our faculty and support stafftake part in regular professional development programmes to ensure they are atthe forefront of the latest educational methodology. Our faculty does not onlyinspire young minds but is also actively involved in community projects andnon-profit work outside of the school, to give back and share our mission oflifelong passion about learning.


JBS hasreceived an overall rating standard of ‘good’. You can view the fullreport here



Please contact ourAdmissions Team via: admissions@jbschool.ae or T +971 (0)4 3446931 ext. 205 or 209 or click here to complete an online inquiry form.Our office hours are from 8am to4pm, Sunday to Thursday. 


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