Modern Montessori School, Amman, Jordan

The Modern Montessori School is an internationally recognised private K-12 coeducational day school in Amman, Jordan, which aims to provide a rich and stimulating environment where children can develop to their full potential. Understanding and appreciating the differences that make every student unique, each child is valued as an independent thinker and encouraged to make choices on his or her own. Our system encourages every student to develop his/her own talent, to respect the differences in others, and to be an integral member of the community, thus achieving the finest possible holistic education. The IB Diploma Program at MMS is designed largely to cater for the needs of individuals, rather than for the collective needs of a group; our subject menu is varied and enjoys a degree of flexibility, which in turn allows students to choose the subjects that appeal to their different learning preferences and future university courses.

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