Ecole Oasis Internationale, Cairo, Egypt

Being the firstprivate trilingual school in Egyptand the first one allowed to offer the four programs of the InternationalBaccalaureate in French, Oasis International Schoolmakes it a point to always put forward a quality education enabling students tothrive whilst developing their natural curiosity and open-mindedness.


Throughout our twentyeight years of educational service, we have achieved a high success rate havingwitnessed the graduation of twelve generations of classes and made their way touniversities. A great number of our students have travelled abroad to study inthe most prestigious universities in countries like The United States ofAmerica, The United Kingdom, Canadaand many others.


Oasisclosely blends teaching pedagogy with technology. Thereby, the schoolimplements advanced aspects of technology, such as the IPad One to One programin order to facilitate meaningful constructivist learning. Our job as educators is tobe innovative with our teaching methods to make learning an enjoyableexperience. The project has indeed supported student engagement and motivationthrough creative activities on campus, community service projects, and through AdventureLearning. In this context, students have the opportunity to participate innational as well as in international trips in which they learn to put intopractice their theoretical knowledge. Under the headline and values of communityservice projects, patronage of a public school which the entire schoolcommunity participates in.

Ourschool missionhas also improved teacher productivity while facilitating communication betweenboth parties, thanks to the application of differential instruction andpositive discipline.


Last but notleast, the school attributes its success mostly to the yearly extracurricularand academic activities that are being offered. A high percentage of itsstudents participate every year in activities such as the Model UnitedNations, The Francophonie Forum and the Model Arab League in Egypt andabroad. In all of these activities,the IB Learner Profile that has been implemented over the years has made studentsbetter communicators and has helped them with their presentation and theirnegotiation skills. Emphasis is on both international mindedness and self-esteem.The future is looking good now that even some of our alumni have decided tojoin our staff after finishing their university studies.

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