Arabian Pearl Gulf School, Manama, Bahrain

APG is a private school situated at Capital Governorate Manama, Khamis, Kingdom of Bahrain. Driven by passion to provide quality education to Bahraini children, Mr. Mohammed Moosa Al A'ali founded APG in June 1996, bearing the national reflection of Bahrain as the Pearl of the Gulf. Since then, Mr. Al A'ali embarked on successive projects to propel the growth of APG, which now offers IGCSE and IBDP at a fair cost to over 1,200 Bahraini and non-Bahraini children who share a common genuine desire and strong capability to meet the school’s high standards. APG is successfully run by a Bahraini School Principal, Mrs. Ebtisam Saeed Al-Zeera, who believes that the learner is the center of the learning process and that all other decisions and activities are built around the integral development of the learner.

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