Modern Knowledge Schools, Manama, Bahrain

Modern Knowledge Schools, founded in 1995, is a private, non- bilingual school in the kingdom of Bahrain offering a full American curriculum along with the International Baccalaureate(IB)Diploma and Certificate Programs in grade 11 and 12.MKS is committed to’making Kids Successful”.MKS regulary monitor student progress, give feedback and continuously strives to improve student performance.Students external assessment scores are comparable to other schools at the international level.The number of students attending MKS has risen each year.The enrolment in the IBDP has expanded as well.MKS plans for consistent and controlled growth and has created waiting lists for applicants to all grade levels.our admission policy reflects that none of our applicants are treated with bias,discrimination or unequal treatment.We believe all students have a right to learn in a safe,caring environment.Students progress can be accessed online by students and their parents via the MKS Administrator Plus Student Information System Edline component.All teachers have an Edline account which facilitates parent and teacher communication.MKS makes parents feel welcome,listen to their concerns,offers solutions .

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