Armenian National Lyceum after Anania Shirakatsy, Yerevan, Armenia

Armenian National Lyceum named after Anania Shirakatsy has been established in 1990 as a high school dealing with gifted and talented children. According o the decision of the Government of Armenia, it has a flexibility for curriculum design, though the national educational system is centralized. Now the Lyceum has primary, middle and high schools as different units situated in different buildings. The primary school is approximately 1 km far, while the buildings of the middle and high schools are next to each other within the same campus.Our Mission is:To develop future leaders, intellectuals, and citizens respecting national and global human values.We promote internationalism, and we are a global member of the Round Square since 2010, a world-wide association of more than 80 schools in 5 continents sharing unique and ambitious goals achieved by participating in community service, work projects, exchange programmes and adventuring.

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